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We are a local, family owned, community-minded fruit orchard and small animal farm located near Saskatoon, SK. We raise sheep, goats, heritage chickens, alpacas and miniature donkeys.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the chickens are coming, the chickens are coming!

Since we've moved to the farm and the weather got cold, we've been fantasizing about adding an animal entourage to our farm. I think we are too scared to dream too big about our orchards this year, considering we don't know what to expect when the ground thaws and we see how many trees we have actually lost.
So, we ordered our first critters - chickens! Lots of chickens! Lots of different kinds of chickens!
So, if we don't have fruit, hopefully we'll have eggs!
We're working in partnership with a 4H group through YDC, we'll house the chickens and they will assist in taking care of them. They will be making their first debut at the Saskatoon Farmers Market on April 20... stay tuned to find out how this all goes...

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